FIV Profiles

9 (FIV) lives

We have selected nine examples from the FIV cats who have lived in the sanctuary. We have chosen each as an example of how well FIV cats can do - some have other problems to deal with on top of the virus.

Okay, so there are now 10 - we just had to add Plucky!

Harry was our very first FIV cat, who came to us in 1997. He needed a dental in 2002, which was his only illness. Harry died in his sleep in 2005.

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Captain was our longest resident, he came to us in 1997.
A couple of minor infections and two dentals were all that affected him in 14 years in the sanctuary.
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Patrick came to us in 1999 in a very poor state, but quickly recovered and had no problems for the next six years.

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Fluff came in 2001. Apart from a minor infection and a dental, he remained healthy for all his nine years here.

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Dougal arrived in 2002 and was with us for 5 years. He suffered from a hyperactive thyroid, from which he recovered after surgery.

Read Dougal's story...

Donny came to us in 2003 as a rescued cruelty case.
He overcame many health issues and was with us 9 years.

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Molly came to us in 2003, already quite old. Despite being FIV since a kitten, she remained healthy for another six years.

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Nick came to us in 2004, frightened and scraggy, only just escaping being put down by Blue Cross.
He developed into a beautiful, confident cat, with us until 2010.
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Joseph arrived in 2007, old, snuffly and hyperthyroid. Despite all this he did extremely well.

Read Joseph's story...

Plucky came to us in 2013, frightened and and with an horrific injury on his neck.
He also turned out to be diabetic, so healing was challenged!

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