This page: Our interpretation of what the initials FIV might really mean!

FIV - a bit of a rant!

FIV - The False Information Virus

FIV is a Fairly Innocuous Virus,
but is surrounded by False Information, which spreads, Virally!
This can allow Fear to be the Insidious Victor.

You need to beware of Frequently Ill-informed Vets
and Fundamentally Ignorant Volunteers
as each can lead to Fatally Innocent Victims.
Even those cats who are allowed to live
are often given a Forced Imprisonment Verdict
whereas they should be given a Future of Impunity and Value.

Although FIV may seem to be a Frightening Initial Verdict,
remember, Factual Information is Vital.
In our experience FIV cats are Friendly, Impressive and Valiant.

We continue to Fight to Improve Views on the issue.
We despair of the Failure by those who Ignore the truth about the Virus,
but maybe that's because we Fiercely Identify with the Vulnerable.
Hence our, hopefully, Far-reaching Information Venture.

Our view is that accurate Facts Improve Value.
Lets hope that in the future we can Frequently Illustrate Victory.
Well, that may be our Frankly Impertinent View,
but lets make sure it's not just a Fatuously Improbable Vision,
because we aim to give these Fabulous Individual cats a Voice.

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