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Section 5 - Cat's health whilst with you

This is the most important section, we want to use the information
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with you. (concentrate on the health issues - we can't cover too many
treatments used, that would be beyond the scope of this project)

Firstly - was/is your cat generally healthy or sickly?
Please give an overall general impression over the lifetime,
(eg "Mainly healthy with just a few minor infections"; "Was well for several years,
but then developed multiple problems"; "had a recurring ...")

Just a paragraph which sums up the overall state of health

More details - We would like to build as detailed a picture of the health
of your FIV cat as possible. So, if there are more details that you can tell
us, it would be very helpful.
(For instance - Can you list each problem that occurred? Roughly when did each occur? and how long did it last - ie a few days, weeks, months or ongoing? - This is just so we can get an idea of the scale of each problem.)

Don't worry of you can't remember the details; anything you can tell us
would be helpful. Please tell us what you can here:

General story of your cat
Please feel free to tell us anything else about your FIV cat if you think it
would add to the full picture of what it is like to own an FIV cat!

Finally - does your experience of FIV match what you were
led to believe when you first heard about the virus ?

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